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                                                                         by SHERMAN MAYS 8-19-17

If the struggles of the past are to be rewarded, then, one must take advantage of and honor those efforts. To chart the return on those investments, answer the following:

​1. Do I maintain a responsibility to God, my family and my community?

2. Do I know why I am able to enjoy the life and lifestyle I have?

3. Do I respect the sacrifices of those who made my opportunities possible?

4. Does my ethical compass point to 'good moral character'?

5. Have I the knowledge to teach others lessons learned from the past?

6. Do I reject the notion that someone else is responsible for my daily shortcomings?

If you truly want what you asked for [freedom and equality] then, make a personal decision to succeed. Ask of your mentors, political leaders, and those who promise utopia "Will the guidance they offer and policies they promote afford you the unbridled freedom authorized by God and reiterated in the Constitution of The United States?" If they are honest in their motives here is the answer which should follow without ambiguity or hesitation:

You should hear a desire for man to live free, and for the individual to exercise free will. you should hear the pride of a citizen building a community as a place to call home.You should hear the desire for that community to excel as part of a nation destined for greatness. And you should SEE that nation prosper as a beacon to the world proclaiming FREEDOM!!!

Do you believe America as founded is worth saving? If so, what will you do to maintain its heritage? After realizing the alternative would be unacceptable should America falter, will you decide in the affirmative and commit to her preservation?