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                                             WHY HILLARY WAS NOT INDICTED

by Sherman Mays

July 7, 2016

For the past year or so, the American public has been subjected to yet another Clinton scandal. This time the dalliances did not involve interns or afternoon delights in the Oval Office, but a cover-up I'll call,  "IT'S MY BUSINESS & I'LL SHRED IT IF I WANT TO", a path taken by Hillary Clinton,in hopes of returning to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In sworn testimony before the House Oversight Committee, July 7, 2016, FBI Director James Comey testified that, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton allowed information which was classified at various levels - TS & SCI - to be handled and viewed by persons without the requisite clearances and authority to view and handle such information.

In addition, by her use of personal servers to conduct official business as Secretary of State, she placed in jeopardy highly sensitive U.S. secrets and possibly put at risk lives of U.S. citizens across the globe doing work on behalf of America.

But why was all the secrecy and evasion of truth by Mrs. Clinton necessary, and why will there be no consequences to Hillary or any of her aides for their roles in violating the trust of the oath they were sworn to uphold?

Consider the nature of the Mrs. Clinton's position as Sec. of State. Most, if not all information which she handles, and communications to which she is a party, is of a classified nature. Unless of course, as she has stated, the deleted e-mails were about some yoga classes. Second, the people in her immediate chain of contact, either up or down, are all charged to protect that information with the same zeal as the secretary. Further, those who handle sensitive information within any government department, bureau, military, or private contractor are also sworn to protect classified U.S. secrets.

So, if this action by Hillary is just "sloppiness and carelessness" and, she said it was a "mistake" that she would like to "do over", why then is there controversy over the FBI finding that no criminal charges will be filed?

Because the pertinent and unasked question is; "did the President receive or send e-mails to Hillary over her unsecured server(s)?The answer is simple and obvious more likely than not he did. If the answer is no, then one must believe they only communicated in person, not at all, or via carrier pigeon for her entire tenure as Secretary of State. In her position, Hillary Clinton would have reported directly to the President of The United States. The findings of the  investigation into why she used private, not State Department, servers proves the negligent mishandling of classified information which is a violation of the law, (18USC793), and it's relevant sections. (18USC) 1924 is also noteworthy in this case. So when Sec. Clinton communicates with her boss by e-mail via the electronic devices hosted by her private server, her boss as well as all persons in that "e-mail chain", become subjected to violating the same laws regarding the mishandling of classified information by government officials. So if Hillary is indicted or held to account for her misdeeds, so then, would her boss become liable for the same crime as he communicated with her in like manner - over an unsecured server.

FBI Director Comey outlined his reasoning for the decision he made in a public press conference and again before congress. The public must decide if what was determined by him is satisfactory, and does it restore faith in a system of fair and equal treatment for all under the law. Still there are many unanswered questions which only Mrs. Clinton has the answers, or a deeper probe into the entire circumstance will provide.

As the political campaigns to determine the next President of The United States head toward the nominating conventions this July, and the public vote in November, Mrs. Clinton's competence to safeguard America's secrets and the lack of trust she alone has created by misleading the public about the nature of this matter, (government business on a private server in her basement), will be, and should be, at the fore of this election cycle.

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