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Weaver opponents are racist  Charges of racism reared its head during a recall effort in Flint, Michigan.

  by Sherman Mays 5-26-19


  The original article can be read at the link below:


  In the upcoming recall election, November 2017, Flint’s current Mayor, Karen Weaver has labeled two of her challengers, Mr.     Scott Kincaid and Mr. Arthur Woodson, as being “a racist and a sellout.” During an interview on Detroit, MI radio station AM   910   with host Steve Hood, Mayor Weaver stated “Mr. Kincaid’s plan has been all along to control those five votes on city   council, get   somebody to sell out because they got a black person- [Mr. Woodson]- to sell out and do the recall, and then it   was  all for him-   [Mr. Kincaid]- so it’s always been his own agenda.”  

 The Mayor offered her comments in agreement with another guest on the program, Sam Riddle, who referred to Mr. Woodson as   a  “punk” who was involved in another incident along with Mr. Riddle some years back. Mr. Riddle also refers to Mr. Kincaid as     representing   a certain “redneck element in Flint”, not unlike those involved in the events in Charlottesville, Virginia. During the   entire exchange, Mrs. Weaver does not reject any of the charges by Mr. Riddle as being out of line, but does in fact affirm his   remarks.

 In both situations, the recall and the water situation, one would think that a Mayor who campaigned to be the champion of all the   citizens would not inflame the situation with caustic rhetoric and unfounded accusations for political purposes, unless those   commentaries are her true beliefs.

  See Mayor Weaver on ABC’s The View  here.