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YOU ASKED FOR IT is a compilation of essays offered to explain why the goal of freedom remains elusive for some citizens in the black communities of America. Several scenarios are presented to outline and focus attention to the theme of self-reliance and personal responsibility.

In summary: Today with an abundance of educational opportunities, multiple means of communication, civil and legal protections, and career and lifestyle choices, some have squandered their inheritance of freedom. They have chosen the highway to self-destruction and ignored the exit signs while traveling in the fast lane.

At no time in the past did the heroes of The Civil Rights Movement long for the days when elders were disrespected, being educated was a joke, or idolizing criminals or committing an aspiration. Today the denigration of your brother is normal, women are viewed the same as street trash, and men are considered only as baby makers. Where is the intact family?

Freedom is gained when an honest assessment of oneself is taken, and self-imposed barriers to equality are exposed and removed.

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