by Sherman Mays


​    On the docket for today:

                                                                                                 Case #1

​                        The plaintiff - Your Race                              vs                 The defendant - Any race                                                                                                                                                                other than yours

                    The Charge: Promoting discrimination and practicing racism at every turn of life.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury; if you believe Genesis chapter 1, verses 26-31, and Genesis chapter 2, verses 18-25 (KJV); that God created one man and one woman, and that all humans are descendants of them; and further that Jesus Christ was immaculately conceived of the Holy Spirit (St. Matthew chapter 1 verses 18-25 (KJV); and moreover believe St. Mark chapters 15-16 (KJV); that His crucifixion and resurrection was for the forgiveness of all sin, then in this case you must find the defendant NOT GUILTY of the charges.

                                                                                      Case #2 

                             The plaintiff - Liberal/Progressive          vs                   The defendant - Freedom                                                                          political policies                                                   via Conservatism

                     The charge: not having compassion for others nor the desire for them to prosper.

Throughout the trial, the evidence has shown how the plaintiff's policies have produced stagnation in the economy and fostered angst among the citizens. The recipients of the plaintiff's "cradle to grave" programs constantly complain that the type and amount of 'assistance' provided yields barely enough substance or sustenance on which one can live. In addition, the help provided keeps one trapped in a level of an untenable lifestyle.

Therefore, with a history of more than 40 years in evidence, the "good intentions" of the government as the national caretaker have failed to foster the conditions  necessary for a society to live freely.  With such a lackluster record of performance, WE THE {jury}PEOPLE, find in favor of the defendant.

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