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...On Hillary's E-mails; 

"Remember when FBI Director Comey said that Hillary was not truthful about sending/receiving classified material on her unsecured server? Why then is Mrs. Clinton still saying she was? Logic dictates that Director Comey & Hillary both can't be right. So, which then, shall we say is... untruthful?" 

                                                          It's Not Rocket Science

It is unnecessary to debate the evils of slavery and  racial segregation with those who preach that  "white privilege will forever keep the black man down".  The only question which remains for those who are at odds with the reality of personal responsibility as a solution, is this:

(after they've finished bloviating), ask; "...by the way Mr/Ms ​                    ,  are your {white} neighbors, friends & business associates BLIND TO THE FACT YOU ARE BLACK; OR ARE YOU LYING...?

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...Here's a question to ask the so-called

"Black Leaders":

"Why do you never rail against the Democrat politicians who benefit from the contributions of teachers unions, who demand more money from the taxpayers, as the public school systems continue to decline?"

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