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                  I See Your Silence

                                                      by Sherman Mays (reprint from You Asked For It c2013)

When, in some of the SJW circles, the discussion shifts to the idea that "white suburban communities" enjoy the picture book look of unattainable 'Americana', due to the persistent oppression by the 'privileged few', the protectors of equality" should be reminded of what their role is in equalizing the disparity.

Remember the desire to have paved roads, sidewalks, neatly manicured lawns and family friendly neighborhoods? What about convenient shopping, nearby restaurants and safe schools? These were things seen only in movies or in the fantasies of dreamers. well, now they are a reality, but the reality is far different from the picture of dreams.

The reality of inner-city life for American blacks who desired to live on the "other side of the tracks" is not the picturesque existence thought to automatically occur once the 'move' to the white side was made.

Sidewalks and yards are overgrown grass jungles. The architectural beauty of homes and buildings are obstructed by 'decorative' iron bars, through necessity, placed over windows and doors. The streets and avenues have become the playgrounds and automobile traffic looked at as the intruder on my right to have fun. Say goodbye to assistance while shopping, as retail outlets have installed security systems and bullet-proof glass rivaling prison security while the clerks serve as inmates of their own businesses. School buildings are not more than teen hang-outs and daycare centers. Education? What went wrong? What then is required to restore a neighborhood?

Eloquent speeches by politicians, grandiose development schemes, or activist groups whining incessantly to the media or sympathetic elected officials looking for votes are not the answer. The willingness of each resident to utilize the infrastructure for its originally designed purpose seems to be the obvious cure. Sidewalks for foot traffic, streets for cars and schools for educating.

The merchant should not have reservation of suffering injury or property loss when offering service to shoppers, nor should the customer while shopping. An evening out for relaxation should not mandate a bullet-proof vest as normal attire. when fear grips the community, that community will fail.

Don't accept mediocrity in your life or in the community which you live. What's accepted as "social justice activism" will only cloud the issue and stifle the expected result of your vision of living the American Dream.  Reinstate and live the actuality of educated children, service oriented shopping and visually pleasing homes and landscapes. Positive individual action translates to community positive community action and shows the character of that community. How vocal is your action?