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                                               ARE FLINT RESIDENTS RACISTS?


by Sherman Mays October 1, 2019

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This is the second interview when candidate for mayor of Flint, MI Karen Weaver asserted that her political opponent(s) were motivated by race. During a recall election in November 2017, she referred to blacks in opposition to her as "sellouts" to the white racists behind the scenes. Again, in September 2019, the same references were made about her opponent MI State Rep. Sheldon Neeley. Oddly enough the racist label is usually reserved for Republican politicians, but in this case both Weaver and Neeley are Democrats. 

The question for the mayor remains: why, if you think those who oppose you are racists and sellouts, how can you effectively lead a city whose population you condemn?

The original article about Mayor Weaver can be read here atWFNT.com