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 Virginia's Lt. Governor Fairfax Must Resign. Why The Rush ?

    by Sherman Mays 

    February 8, 2019

One might consider it odd for the party in power to call for the removal from office, one of its own. This is usually left to the "loyal opposition" in their pursuit of scoring political points and regaining power lost at the ballot box. However in today's climate, and Virginia's State house in particular, that sentiment has been turned on its head. Here's my theory as to why.

Approximately one week ago, Democrat Governor Ralph Northem of Virginia drew negative attention during a radio interview with comments he made about pending abortion legislation (late term) in his state. A day later, pictures in his medical school yearbook surfaced showing two people dressed, one in 'blackface' and another in a KKK outfit - hood included. Gov. Northem denounced the photos and also apologized for  taking part in the wearing of one of the costumes. However, he complicated the situation further when the next day claimed to not be either of the characters depicted in the picture. 

The Attorney General, Mark Herring(D), is also under fire to resign due to his admission to wearing 'blackface' in the recent past.

This action drew loud calls for the Governor and Atty. General to resign immediately, with the most vocal critics being those in their own party both within the State of Virginia and those Democratic candidates running for the 2020 nomination for President.

What has this to do with Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax(D)? Well, he too has been asked to resign. Not for racist antics in his past, but for accusations of sexual assault by two different women. The accusers have both released statements detailing the circumstances of their charges. Lt Governor Fairfax has denied both incidents.

For several days after the "photo revelations" surfaced, there was a deafening chorus aimed squarely at all three, but then suddenly, all anger seemed to turn in the direction of Mr. Fairfax. There are still murmurs for the other two to step aside, but with less emphasis than a week ago. Why then must the Lt. Governor go now? 

Should all three depart their offices at once, the next in line for the Governor's mansion is Republican Speaker of the Assembly, Kirkland Cox. This would give control of the state's highest office to the opposition. So to avoid the shift of party control, the Lt. Governor, Fairfax, resigns, is replaced with another Democrat appointed by Gov. Northem, then Governor Northem can resign with his replacement ascending to the top slot, another Democratic Lt. Gov. appointed, good-bye AG Herring with a,you guessed it, Democrat appointed. This keeps the state in control of the Democrats. 

So it's not really a matter of doing the right thing due to conscience, but to maintain power no matter the appearance of a lack of character.