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                Not So Friendly Remarks by City Council Members

                     by Sherman Mays Nov. 12, 2018

In a live interview which aired on Flint, Michigan radio station WFLT 1420AM, Saturday November 10, 2018, three Flint City Council members spoke about their colleagues and what they believe is the cause for the friction during a investigative hearing the council held, as well as the inability of the council to conduct the business of the City of Flint in general.

The radio program is titled 'The Truth Shall Make You Free Broadcast' and is hosted by Flint resident A.C. Dumas. The council members who were present for the interview and spoke during the broadcast are Eric Mays (1st Ward), Maurice Davis (2nd Ward) and Gerri Winfrey-Carter (5th Ward). 

Their colleagues which they reference are Kate Fields (4th Ward), Eva Worthing (9th Ward) and Santino Guerra (3rd Ward).

                                                             Listen to the interview below