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                                    by Sherman Mays 1-20-13

As an American citizen, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", are the inalienable rights granted me, first by my Creator, then affirmed by the Constitution of The United States. To best represent my interests, elected representatives must follow the Constitution at every level of government. while in office. Living free and realizing my full potential can happen when government exercises its limited role as set forth in the founding documents of this country.

                                                        Sherman Mays 1-20- 

Whena government becomes the parent to its citizens, one could conclude that child abuse is inevitable. For example, in the mid 1960's, the war on poverty began in earnest. The stated purpose of the various programs was to provide the bridge to improve the economic and social standing of the recipient. However, more has been done to create a perpetual dependency on government for basic and long term sustenance than to reduce poverty, or eliminate the need for the program. For one to receive government assistance in the form of food, housing, cash and medical benefits, has become almost normal throughout today's population. These programs are structured to provide "just enough to get by, and never enough to get ahead." Any attempt on your behalf  to improve your situation will result in punishment from the government by the reduction of, or termination of benefits, thereby relegating you to a mediocre lifestyle of servitude to the 'paymaster'. With a fear of losing it all if not for the compassion of the government, one submits to a minimalist existence, deluded by the rhetoric of the system which proclaims salvation.

​Those who rely on these programs have suffered a decline at least and stagnation at best in their standard of living. Frustration, anger and segments of the population asking, "who can I blame" for my circumstance has become the mindset by the beneficiaries of public assistance. The government has become the enabler.

If improvement in lifestyle was actually the goal, then positive and measurable results would be touted. Instead, the advocates of such programs continue to make promises of the greatness to come by their efforts while expanding the pool of dependents and deriding those who seek and/or offer alternatives. For a free individual or society to rely on a government program for economic stability and growth is abusive, in that it diminishes self-esteem individually and as a collective society. The political climate of the day becomes the controlling authority and will dictate who may benefit from the 'program du jour.' Remember a program is a planned event.

Politicians and civic leaders will tell you that government programs are necessary and a vital function of government. This phraseology is the foundation which creates the mindset of dependency and entitlement. As you languish in poverty, the advocates of generosity thrive in private sector employment and government power without the aid of their own program, which begs the obvious question -  "If the deck is so stacked against me without your help, how are you able to succeed without taking advantage of the same help?"

In matters of education the abuse continues. You are required to place and keep your children in the schools provided by the government. Irrespective of the quality of the education at that school, your child MUST attend. Again, the provider of your child's education seeks a different venue for their children. For previous generations, quality education was desired, required and to say the least - fashionable. Learning the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic was standard operating procedure. A through knowledge of American History and a working familiarization a of world history was also prevalent. Individual and family pride was the by-product of a high school diploma and/or college degree. The formula for personal success was simple. Learn as much as possible, follow the rules of society, improve yourself, improve your community, improve the nation.

The basic skills necessary for societal and economic success are virtually non-existent in schools today. Public "programmed schools" are focused on engineering the positive feelings of the students as a collective body rather than developing the intellect of the individual. Schoolhouses have become nothing more than glorified daycare centers and social clubs for kids as their parents work or take a 'break' from the rigors of raising them. Teachers and school administrators have usurped authority of the parent effectively forcing them to the sidelines in respect to parental duties. The grades and graduation rates of children attending public schools have dropped dramatically due to the indoctrinating nature of the curriculum forced upon them, in which the inherent ambition of one to achieve excellence is discouraged. Students who strive for excellence are considered strange and are ostracized by their peers. Responsible adults must visibly and vociferously support the academic achievers in their efforts to resist the pressure put upon them.

At the collegiate level, those campuses have become the proving grounds to hone the "entry level skills" learned in high school. The objective is to join the hippest fraternity/sorority based on who else is a member, how much swag the dorm has in it and does it throw the best parties. With luck, maybe you'll become the next great sport sensation. After 'x' number of years and countless thousands of dollars, you will enter the real world ill-equipped for the market economy and rational integration into normal society. Fear not, your government will be there to help.

Prior to and during the civil rights era, those who took the lead understood the equality of opportunity, not guaranteed outcomes, would benefit the whole of society. In a free society, you will fail or succeed based on the merits of your undertaking and the quality of your effort. In addition, you will experience varying degrees of success and failure. This truth is not taught or discussed by educators, politicians or so-called leaders of the community. Instead, a mentality of "what you can't achieve due to past events" and thereby you are "owed", is promoted. Again, anger and dependency on government is fostered. The physical shackles which actually prevented one from achieving have long been removed, evidenced by their absence from your wrists and ankles. But the greater example of what is possible is shown by those who excelled even when physical and 'legal' [slavery/Jim Crow laws] barriers  compounded their struggle. 

For one to speak against those who promote the negative message is considered blasphemy. Attempts to encourage self-reliance and personal responsibility in the pursuit of the American Dream draws hostile comments and sometimes violent reactions with the goal of shaming one into silence. This is the tactic of an individual, civic leader, politician or organization which benefit from the poverty others. Ironically, neither of those entities utilize the programs and systems which they advocate. This fact is a most powerful weapon to destroy the argument that "only through the liberal compassion of government can you survive in America". 

Uncontrolled government is not unlike an individual. It will make decisions in its own best interest. The framers of The Constitution realized this and agreed that a successful civilization and effective government must include a fundamental rule of law. In the case of America, The Ten Commandments was that foundation. Coupled with the ability of the citizenry to exercise free will with minimal governmental interference, a representative republic was formed, of for and by the people, with the goal of what's best for the citizen.

When you ask yourself, "How is my life enhanced by living in a  nation with a constitutional conservative government in place", the answer is clear and simple; Limited government government promotes individual, social and economic freedom.



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